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Property owners in Independence and the nearby areas know the worth of carpets. They understand how carpets contribute to the aesthetics of their households and office spaces.

So, to know that your carpets are installed correctly, hire professional carpet installers from Polk County Carpet Cleaning LLC. We are a top-rated carpet installation company in Independence OR.

Why Client’s Choose Us?

Proficient cleaners
Experienced and trained staff
Local service provider
Hi-tech equipment & tools
Quick service
Affordable pricing
Affordable pricing

Types of Carpet We Install!

Glue-Down Carpet Installation

Glue-downs are the most popular type of carpet installation preferred by commercial property owners. Here, we can directly stick the glue-down side to the flooring below. This works well in places with high foot traffic and movement.

Double-Glue Carpet Installation

Double glue-down is also known as “double-stick installation.” It is similar to the glue-down with the only difference being we first glue the padding to the floor and then glue the carpet to the padding. The addition of padding provides more comfort and also helps carpets to sustain longer life.

Stretch-In Carpet Installation

Strech-in carpet installation is a favorite amongst homeowners in Independence OR. In this method, we nail or glue wood strips on the corners of the floor. Later, we install the padding, and lastly, we stretch the carpet and secure them onto the little nails present on the wood strips.

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A properly installed carpet brightens up the look of the room. So, if that is what you want, contact Polk County Carpet Cleaning LLC in Independence OR. We also provide hardwood floor cleaning, carpet repair & stretching, residential & commercial cleaning services.